Soul, Death, & Grace Chapter 9

We have found the soul described as ‘moving’ from being naturally dead to being so restructured as to be capable of gaining immortality.

The fascinating quest which now confronts us is in answer of the obvious question—how, when, does this transformation come to be realized?

Notice the following concepts and descriptions.

“It is the grace of God that gives life to the soul.” DA, p. 181.

“Faith is the hand by which the soul takes hold upon the divine offers of grace and mercy.” GAG, p. 315.

“When truth becomes an abiding principle in the life, the soul is born again,” AA, p. 520

“His grace alone can quicken the lifeless faculties of the soul, and attract it to God, to holiness….” FLB, p. 96.

Soul, Death, and Grace

“The grace of God comes to the soul through the channel of living faith, and that faith it is in our power to exercise.” MYP, p. 72.

“In the matchless gift of His Son God has encircled the whole world with the atmosphere of grace as real as the air which circulates around the globe. All who choose to breathe this life-giving atmosphere will live and grow up to the stature of men and women in Christ Jesus.” SC, p. 68.

“The fiercer the conflict, the greater the supply of grace to meet the need of the soul; and the very nature of the grace received will enlarge the capacity of the servant of Christ to know God, and Jesus Christ whom he has sent.” 3RH, p. 367.

“Who would dream of the possibilities of beauty in the rough brown bulb of the lily? But when the life of God hidden therein, unfolds at His call in the rain and the sunshine, men marvel at the vision of grace and loveliness. Even so will the life of God unfold in every human soul that will yield itself to the ministry of His grace, which, free as the rain and the sunshine, comes with its benediction to all. It is the word of God that creates the flowers, and the same word will produce in you the graces of his Spirit.” TM, p. 97.

“By His grace we are to be made perfect.” 2RH, p. 593.

“Our growth in grace, our joy, our usefulness—all depend upon our union with Christ. It is by communion with Him, daily, hourly, – by abiding in Him, – that we are to grow in grace. SC, p. 69.

“Through the provision of divine grace we may attain almost to the excellency of the angels.” 1RH, p. 323.

“By his grace he will work upon the soul until it will be like a jewel polished for the heavenly kingdom.” YI, p. 223.

“The nature of the grace that he receives, enlarges his capacity to know God and His Son.” AA, p. 50.

“Man cannot conceive what he may be and what he may become. Through the grace of Christ he is capable of constant mental progress.” GAG, p. 278.

“It is the grace of Christ alone, through faith that can make us holy.” FLB, p. 93.

“By the gentle touch of grace He banished from the soul unrest and doubt, changing enmity to love, and unbelief to confidence.” MH, p. 25.

“As the sunbeam imparts to the flowers their varied and delicate tints, so does God impart to the soul the beauty of His own character. DA, p. 331.

“The Spirit quickens the lifeless faculties of the soul.” PUR, p. 160.

“Christ abides in the soul of the believer.” 2ST, p. 498.

“The Holy Spirit unites with the powers of grace that God has provided to turn souls to Christ.” 5 RH, p. 341.

“By giving his only begotten son to die on the cross, God has shown us the estimate he places on the human soul.” YI, p. 414 (July 20, 1899).

“… Angels of God all ready to impart grace and power to those who feel their need of divine strength.” OHC, p. 129.

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